After Getting Hired

Are you a NEW team member? Let's get you started. 

Build your knowledge

Study and test your knowledge on our core products.

What we believe

Learn more about our Vision Statement and Core Values.

Helpful resources

We compiled a list of resources you will need as a team member.



Congratulations on being part of our team! Feeling nervous? Don't be! We have a checklist to prepare you for your Orientation Day!


After getting hired

Before your Orientation

On the day of your Orientation



Next, you will need to learn about our core products. Do not be overwhelmed! You will review this with your trainer on the clock.

You may take the Practice exams. Practice exams are NOT GRADED take them as many times as you want. Official exams are GRADED, you need at least 95% to PASS. All official exam submissions are graded and sent to HR and your manager. After you submitted and passed an official exam, you will need to retake the test again in 4 months to refresh your knowledge. We are here to support you! Ask your trainer if you have any questions!

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